MEN WHO LISTEN was formed in 2008 by Dan Pokorni on the heels of his solo release, “Guitarscapes.”  Teaming up with top Chicago-area musicians, drummer Patrick Doody (Koko Taylor, Elvin Bishop) and Bill Harrison (Clark Terry, James Moody) the band started making demos.  Later, Gary Loizzo (Styx’s producer) came on board behind the console and the MEN WHO LISTEN sound began to take shape -- a sound in which the song comes first.  Fusing elements of British invasion, 60s pop and 70s hard rock, the self-titled MEN WHO LISTEN was released in June of 2009 and immediately started getting air-play on a number of college and Internet radio stations. 

The next phase of the band began in December 2009 when singer Jeff Anthony and bassist John Falstrom made their MEN WHO LISTEN debuts on “Cast Our Love Away.” This was followed by the rock ballad “Change in the Blink of an Eye” (featuring Emmy-award winner Greg Potter on drums.)  Fueled by Jeff’s vocals, the band sound began to evolve to a more modern, but still melodic hard rock style that is evident in the angry, up-tempo “Bad Days” and continues in the keyboard-drenched “As Far As We Can Go” which was recorded in October of 2011. The 4-song EP, MEN WHO LISTEN 2 was released two months later on December 1st

In 2012, MWL started their third CD working with Stuart Epps of Elton John and Led Zeppelin fame.  Stuart co-produced, mixed and played the keyboard solo in “Smash” which was released digitally in July.  Later in October, two publishing deals were signed.  In February of 2013, "Put Me Out of Misery" was released and picked up by Charlie Mac (Mac a Million Dollar Man Musick) for licensing placement.  Anti-gun anthem “Go Get a Gun” was released in February of 2014 and signed to a publishing deal.  “Shakir” was released in November of 2015 and features the return of bassist John Falstrom.  To date, MEN WHO LISTEN songs have been played on over 130 terrestrial and Internet radio stations.  Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!


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